JSC Transfriga – is a company with over 10 years of experience in
multinational animal transportation.
Our vehicles are equipped with the latest
technology – navigation and ventilation systems, watering and feeding
All semi-trailers
comply with the latest European Union veterinary requirements. The transport is
suitable for animal transportation, our specially trained professional drivers
– responsible and dutiful with extensive work experience.
The animals are
transported in specially designed semi-trailers.
At present the company transport cargoes to/from
Germany, Belgium, Holland, Portugal, France, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland
and Russia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.
The JSC Transfriga’s company transport business
aims to play a key role in meeting animal welfare standards. 

Animal transportation




The ceiling height of the trailer provides greater comfort

Properly ventilated, both naturally and artificially

There is a special size gate to isolate the animals

Trailers are suitable for transporting the necessary fodder or litter